How did you become aware of the Tellington TTouch® method?

"I came to know the Tellington TTouch® almost 15 years ago. Since then it has become an integral part of my life, both professional and private.

What role has the Tellington TTouch ® in your life?
"The Tellington TTouch method is very close to my heart. Between the years 1995 to 2006 I managed to complete all possible trainings for the application of the method on horses, companion animals in general and human beings."

What is in short the Tellington TTouch ® method on animals?

Tellington TTouch ® is a gentle method applied at neuro-tactile level. It consists of circular, smoothing and lifting movements,  with different extent of intensity, bringing many benefits at both physical and emotional level.
The method is well-known worldwide for its in-depth investigation on the theme of relationship and trust between men and animals. For example, animals can learn to cope with the stress more consciously. Indeed it is a non-verbal body language."
What can you tell us about the Tellington-TTouch For You ®, more precisely about its applications on humans beings?

"After years of experiences and studies carried out with animals, it has been discovered that this method brings great benefits also to people. Thus, it has to be perceived as a gift that comes from the animal world donate to the entire humanity.
The training requires a serious coaching of both the technical and social approaches of the method to be applied on humans. Personally, after 3 years of training, in 2006 I obtained the certificate of "Practictioner" (trainer) of the method Tellington-TTouch for You ®. At that time it was the first training ever in the world, where Dr. Linda Tellington-Jones were extraordinary attending.
As I work in pharmaceutical and paramedic sectors I have seen in person the benefits of this method, formally introduced in 1995 in the United States within the healthcare field.
For this reason I really would like to divulgate this method, by introducing it to everyone’s daily life, including privates, practitioners and professionals working in health and education sectors."

Where to place this treatment into the health care system?

It has to be considered a complementary therapy to the traditional medical care. As already said, it favours the well-being in general, it helps to reduce stress and pain, increases concentration, creativity and ability to learn."

What is the philosophy behind the Tellington TTouch ® method?
“The Tellington TTouch ® method, besides being a functional technology, it is a way of life.
Every living being deserve respect and we consider him as a carrier of life lessons.
We base treatment Tellington TTouch ® on every living being - in order to build trust and build for the future - respect, esteem and acknowledgment active.
Esteem and respect strengthen the personality of every living being and the way of their learning ability and development. We are committed to the harmony, trust and cooperation between between people and animals and among men between them. "

To whom is directed the Tellington TTouch For You® method?
"The Tellington TTouch is for everyone. There are different categories of training, such as for horses, dogs, other pet animals and for humans. The Tellington TTouch ® does never replace a medical visit by a doctor or a veterinarian, but it is a valid support for the preservation of health."


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